Actual Car Expense


Car Man - There are two methods of accounting for your car expenses for moving, medical, charity or business use of your car or truck or van.

The first we mention is the

Actual Expenses method.

It is wise to read about the details of the plan on

You have different items that can be deducted and ways to gain a tax advantage.

For many people that use this method it works quite well but for others who have a different financial situation with their motor vehicle(s), they use another method that is used often in auto or van or truck deduction.

Mileage Allowance

The Mileage Allowance method or as some call it the Mileage Deduction plan. You should look at both plans to determine which will get you the best benefit financially.

The miles can add up to a lot of money in one year and it can make or break your tax deal.

For mileage deduction or mileage allowance look here at:

For Actual Expenses look here at this web site